The IS portal: Full stack support for isolated Founders

You asked we listened!

Everything you need to make the most of your membership, under one roof. 

Welcome to the IS portal - full-stack support for isolated founders. It's our personal LinkedIn - sans unsolicited messages and ads. Here you will find private groups for discussion, knowledge centre and resources plus all community events are easy to find and book. The community directory makes it easier for you to find the help you need fast: search by skill, interest, location or area of expertise.

So, the question is...what can we help you to do?

1. Community 

Inspiration Space is all about the people - and now you can see the entire community at a glance. Your personal profile will make you more visible and easier to find. When other members are looking for skills or expertise that match with yours, you'll pop up in the directory. You can show us in real time what you're working on thanks to the portfolio feature - great for people who like show as well as tell. Stay in touch with your friends in between organised events and experiences. Searching by location makes it easier to arrange small group meet-ups and co-working days with anyone in the community.

The Direct Messaging feature means you can continue to have personal and small group conversations, just like we had in Slack. Look out for notifications - that's how you know someone has mentioned you in a post.

2. Knowledge Centre

We've brought in a feed with the latest insights, news and reports from McKinsey, Harvard Business Review and a select list of others. This analysis will keep you up to date with how external forces (Covid-19 or Brexit anyone?) impact consumer behaviour. This is crucial information if you want to stay competitive. Especially relevant if you're here to build back better on the other side of the pandemic.

Inspiration comes in many forms and stories are a great way to stay motivated. With that in mind, we have a collection of interviews from the founders of the brands we know and love. Hear first hand how Chip Wilson created Lululemon - the lows as well as the highs. Get valuable insight from Melanie Perkins, CEO of Canva, who breaks down in detail how she built relationships with investors. Learn creative marketing hacks from Jen Rubio, Co-founder of Away, who sold out the first order of suitcases before they even had a product ready.

Fill gaps in your knowledge quickly with a list of high-quality self-paced courses. Learn how to use Canva, Pinterest, Twitter and more. You'll even find official courses from Google Digital Garage, which include certifications. 

3. Resources 

Consider this your in-house Google. Under Resources you will find:


4. Calendar - See what's on, when and where. Registering is a simple RSVP. For virtual events, the link will appear in the listing at the start time - no more searching your inbox for links. You can see what you've registered to attend under the 'My events' tab on your account profile. 1:1 Mentoring and 'Power Hour' sessions can also be booked from here. 

5. Groups - These are communities within the community. Think of them as breakout grops where you can let down your guard and tackle challenges head on. Active learning sessions, co-working and brainstorms are all listed in the group calendars - personalised according to level.

6. Ask for Help - Tap into the brilliant minds at Inspiration Space easier than ever before. Over time this grow to be an incredible knowledge bank where you've helped fellow founders solve their problems. When you create a post, notify people based on skills, location, interest or area of expertise. If you're paged, you'll see a notification come up on the bell at the top of the navigation. 

7. Live Feed - Tap in when you want to see the latest from across the portal. You'll receive a weekly digest that delivers the highlights direct to your inbox. Change the preferences in your account profile. Stay in the loop as much or as little as you'd like.

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