Nibi Lawson makes the Clubhouse Creator First programme final list 💫

Inspiration Space member, Nibi Lawson, selected as a Clubhouse ‘Creator First’ finalist

Nibi Lawson, Founder of beauty tech startup, Kinky Apothecary, has been selected as a finalist for the Clubhouse Creator First Program. The show, ‘The History of Hair,’ was deemed by Clubhouse HQ to be a cut above over 5,000 other applicants.

The Clubhouse Creator First Program is an accelerator designed to help aspiring creators host amazing conversations, build their audience and monetise. Inspiration Space is proud to partner with Kinky Apothecary, with IS Founder Liana Fricker, joining as co-host and Creative Producer.

Hosted in front of a live audience, ‘History of Hair’ explores the culture of hair in all its wonderful, texturally diverse glory. Set in an imaginary virtual hair salon, the audience listens, learns and interacts through a variety of hair-related topics, interviews, dialogue, poetry and prose.

Nibi said: ‘I channelled my obsession with hair and frustration at not being able to find suitable products for natural textured hair in Nigeria into starting Kinky Apothecary. Our community kickstarted Nigeria’s Natural Hair Care revolution and it’s my ambition to turn our retail platform into the world’s ultimate beauty destination with inclusivity at its core.

When Liana pinged me into a private Clubhouse room bright and early on a Monday morning to excitedly pitch the ‘History of Hair’ idea to me along with the suggestion that I should apply for the Clubhouse Creator First Programme I was intrigued.

We brainstormed the concept further and after letting the idea develop in my mind for a couple of weeks I decided to apply.

I was shocked - based on the fact more than 5,000 people submitted ideas - to find out that I was selected as a finalist.’

Liana added: ‘Like all great ideas, ‘History of Hair’ came to me in the shower. I was doing my ‘wash day’ routine and thought the history of hair would be an interesting lens to explore why certain cultural norms and behaviours exist.

Whilst hair can be a divisive issue, what I love about this idea is that it creates an opportunity to exchange knowledge and stories of all things hair across cultural and textured boundaries.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Inspiration Space. I work closely with Nibi on the Kinky Apothecary growth strategy, and thought this seed of an idea would be a ‘win-win’ opportunity for Nibi’s company and brand.’

One of 20 shows to make it to the next round, look out for the premiere of the pilot episode: ‘History of Hair: The Weave’ on 12th May at 9 pm GMT/ 1 pm PDT only on Clubhouse.

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